IUFP Executive Director
Dr. Steve Cook BA (Hons), MA, PhD

I am pleased to commend the International University Foundation Programme (IUFP) to you. The aim of the IUFP is to give international students the chance to undertake a university foundation course in the United Kingdom or whilst still in their home countries. The course is a one year pre-degree course, which provides a fast track alternative to a two year GCE A Level course and it is also in wider scope.

On completion of the course, students will have the chance to expand their horizons and continue their studies in the United Kingdom. These students will have the opportunity to progress on to courses at leading British Universities in the United Kingdom with the choice of over sixty-five different degree courses. It is my hope that parents and their wards will view the IUFP as a credible pathway to higher education in the United Kingdom.

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The International University Foundation Programme (IUFP) is a one year full time pre-degree course that is aimed atinternational students, and offers direct entry route to over 65 degree courses in leading British Universities.

Why IUFP ?

The IUFP provides an alternative entry route that is acceptable to leading British Universities and meets the entrance criteria, in particular for international students.

Though many prospective students from overseas countries desire to study in leading British Universities, unfortunately majority of these students do not really meet the basic entry criteria of most leading British Universities.

Moreover, when international students arrive in the United Kingdom, they are sometimes shocked by the demands of studying for degree courses in British Universities.

Benefits of IUFP? 

  • 1. One year pre-degree course that offers direct entry route to over 65 degree courses in leading British Universities, including Accounting, Business, Computing, Law, Marketing, Politics, IT etc.

  • 2. Equips students with skills required to ease into degree courses in leading British Universities.

  • 3. Completion leads to direct admittance into leading British Universities.

  • 4. Option  to select leading British University of choice for degree studies. The leading British Universities include, Anglia Ruskin University (C-by-C for Business, Computer Science and Law degrees), University ofGreenwich (C-by-C), University of Hertfordshire (C-by-C), University of Portsmouth, University of Exeter (C-by-C for BSc Sociology) and Leeds Metropolitan University (C-by-C) amongst others.

  • 5. Monitored by an Independent External Moderator.

  • 6. September and January starting dates.

  • 7. Extensive support in English Language and Communication Skills.


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